About us?

We are a company dedicated to serving the logistics sector offering solutions through the use of port equipment (Chassis, Containers, Genset) that was formally born on October 15, 2009 to cover the need of the maritime sector to store its containers outside the ports, to provide complementary equipment rental services, such as chassis and gensets, and repair and maintenance of equipment locally.

After starting out-of-port operations (off-dock), we began to receive requests from various clients for the rental and purchase of containers for storage, transport and distribution purposes or to later modify them (offices, fixed warehouses, etc.).

In order to guarantee an efficient and timely service and response to the unforeseen events that our clients may present in the logistics processes, we developed a rescue team, capable of providing assistance outside our facilities 24h / 7d, reducing the impact and delays that different mechanical contingencies may cause to their logistics processes.

Today we are a well-established company that can offer integral rental and sale of containers (dry and refrigerated), chassis and gensets as well as maintenance and repair of such equipment.